Full day tour Package

The full day tour package is a full day tour for 2 persons per Can Am Maverick, the experience starts around 9:00 and ends around 17:00 hours.

Every Can Am Maverick has 2 drivers, every 30 minutes or so we switch seats so everybody can enjoy the real horsepower of the Maverick X3.

The full day tour package includes a specialized tour guide which brings you to the most beautiful places of the Algarve, most of the trail will be in and around the Silves area, we reserve a few hours for training and a competitive racing experience, yes we will indeed host a small competition for all drivers, the competition will include time trial racing and drifting.

Full day tour package

  • Days : 1 full day (8 hours)
  • Guides : 1 (or 2)
  • Trail area: Silves
  • Tour: Specialized offroad
  • Leaning: Drifting
  • Technical: Obstacle driving

Price per Maverick.: 800 euro

*Prices included gasoline


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