Adventure Package

The adventure package is packed with activities, with our offroad tours, we try to create an unforgettable offroad experience over multiple days.

Every Can Am Maverick has 2 drivers, every 30 minutes or so we switch seats so everybody can enjoy the real horsepower of the Maverick X3.
We reserve one full day for training and competitive racing experience. Yes, we will indeed host a competition for all drivers, the competition will include racing, drifting, technical obstacle driving and mechanical skills, at the end of the whole experience there will be one winner who will take home the Nr 1 Maverick Tours Algarve trophy!

We spend nights in hotels but also (if weather conditions are good) in the open air, meaning we sleep at beautiful lakeside open spaces in a hammock under the beautiful clear sky of the Algarve.

Our team will pick you up at Faro airport, transfer to the to starting location will take only 30 minutes.

(Optional) On the last day of the experience, everybody can discover the beautiful Algarve from the Atlantic ocean in our private owned 42-foot yacht, all participants get the opportunity to learn how to flyboard with a certified flyboard instructor, an experience you don’t want to miss!

Adventure Package includes

  • Days/Nights : 4/5
  • Guides : 2 (or 3)
  • Trail area : Silves + Westcoast
  • Tour: Specialized offroad
  • Leaning: Drifting
  • Technical: Obstacle driving
  • Technical: Mechanical skills
  • (Optional) Private yacht : 1 full day
  • (Optional) Flyboard experience : 1

  • Price p.p.: 3200 euro

    *Prices included gasoline & hotels.


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